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Top 25 Canciones Calicostaff

Este es nuestro Top 25 de canciones de Paul McCartney*:

1. Band On The Run (Band On The Run, 1973)
2. Maybe I'm Amazed (McCartney, 1970)
3. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five (Band On The Run, 1973)
4. Silly Love Songs (Wings At The Speed Of Sound, 1976)
5. Pipes Of Peace (Pipes Of Peace, 1983)
6. Live And Let Die (Single, 1973)
7. My Love (Red Rose Speedway, 1973)
8. Coming Up (McCartney II, 1980)
9. No More Lonely Nights (Give My Regards To Broad Street, 1984)
10. Let 'Em In (Wings At The Speed Of Sound, 1976)
11. Jet (Band On The Run, 1973)
12. Mull Of Kintyre (Single, 1977)
13. C Moon (Single, 1972)
14. Another Day (Single, 1971)
15. Hi Hi Hi (Single, 1972)
16. Mrs. Vandebilt (Band On The Run, 1973)
17. Once Upon A Long Ago (Single, 1987)
18. With A Little Luck (London Town, 1978)
19. Listen To What The Man Said (Venus And Mars, 1975)
20. Say Say Say (Pipes Of Peace, 1983)
21. Ebony & Ivory (Tug Of War, 1982)
22. My Brave Face (Flowers In The Dirt, 1989)
23. Here Today (Tug Of War, 1982)
24. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey (Ram, 1971)
25. Let Me Roll It (Band On The Run, 1973)

* Canciones comprendidas entre los años 1970 y 2011.

3 comentarios:

  1. no se hizo justicia por nada actual!
    en driving, chos, memories, flaming hay obras geniales (que algunas superan a muchas de esta lista)

  2. Santy, tuvimos en cuenta también historia y ranking. Es dificil, capaz que mañana armamos una lista diferente, jaja. Saludos!

  3. Pues un poco tarde y siguendo a la propuesta que se hizo hace no mucho (de los pocos que escribimos)

    Aqui mi propuesta del Pure McCartney (Sigue sin cuadrarme el titulo)

    Disc 1
    1 My Brave Face Flowers in the dirt
    2 Evony & Ivory Tug oF War
    3 Beautiful Night Flaming Pie
    4 Another Day Non-album single
    5 I want to walk you home Goin Home
    6 Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey RAM
    7 Waderlust (GMRTBS Version) Give me Regards to Broad Street
    8 Dance Tonight Memory Almost Full
    9 Silly Love Songs Wings at Speed Of Sound
    10 Brown Eyed Handsome Man Run Devil Run
    11 Hope Of Deliverance Off the Ground
    12 Eat at Home RAM
    13 Maybe I Amazed McCartney
    14 New New
    15 So Glad to See You Back To The Egg
    16 Press Press
    17 With a Little luck London Town
    Disc 2
    1 Young Boy Flaming Pie
    2 Live and Let Die Non-album single
    3 Pipes Of Peace Pipes Of Peace
    4 The Back Seat of my Car RAM
    5 Cosmically Conscious B-Side
    6 Jet Band On The Run
    7 Loving Flame Driving Rain
    8 No More Lonely Nights Give me Regards to Broad Street
    9 Coming Up (Live) Non-album single
    10 Let em In Wings at Speed Of Sound
    11 Im Your Singer Wild Life
    12 Too Much Rain Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
    13 Take it Away Tug oF War
    14 Mrs Vandebilt Band On The Run
    15 Venus and Mars Venus and Mars
    16 RockShow Venus and Mars
    17 Sing the Changes Electric Arguments
    18 Rockestra Back To The Egg
    Disc 3
    1 My Love Red Rose Speedway
    2 Tug Of War Tug Of War
    3 Listen to What the Man Said Venus and Mars
    4 Twenty Fly Rock CHOBA B CCCP
    5 Put it There Flowers in the dirt
    6 Lonely Road Driving Rain
    7 My Valentine Kisses on the Bottom
    8 We All Stand Together Non-album single
    9 Riding To Vanity Fair Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
    10 Once Upon A Long Ago Non-album single
    11 Junior's Farm Non-album single
    12 Mull of Kintyre Non-album single
    13 Off The Ground Off The Ground
    14 Pretty Little Head (McCartney Years Version) Press
    15 Say Say Say Pipes Of Peace
    16 Band On The Run Band On The Run
    Disc 4
    1 Too Many People RAM
    2 Here Today Tug Of War
    3 Long Lether Coat B-Side
    4 The World Tonight Flaming Pie
    5 Beware My Love Wings at Speed Of Sound
    6 Daytime Nighttime Suffering B-Side
    7 Single Pigeon Red Rose Speedway
    8 Hi Hi HI Non-album single
    9 One of These Days McCartney II
    10 Figure Of Eight (McCartney Years Version) Flowers in the dirt
    11 The End Of The End Memory Almost Full
    12 Hope For the Future Non-album single
    13 Queenie Eye NEW
    14 Fine Line Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
    15 Junk McCartney
    16 Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five Band On The Run